Membership Benefits

The Indo-US Chamber of Commerce is founded on the principle that one learns the most from those who share similar experiences. A rapidly expanding Chamber membership will include individuals from every size and type of business. Members will be able to exchange business ideas, obtain referrals and in general have access to a dynamic network of their peers.


This is the ultimate medium for idea exchange. Often described as the single most important benefit, this involves groups of members, usually from a similar profession or business who meet regularly to discuss personal and professional topics. With guidance of an experienced member and moderator, the meetings provide a safe environment for maximum interaction and open discussion.


One of the primary benefits of membership in the Indo-US Chamber of Commerce is the opportunity to learn from leaders in the business, political, scientific and academic worlds in a closed and intimate setting. The Indo-US Chamber will create interesting informational and educational monthly programs by scheduling well known reputable speakers from all fields at monthly meetings to inform and educate our membership.

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